Threaded Fasteners Nuts and Bolts of the Game: When will football return?

Threaded Fasteners Nuts and Bolts of the Game

The Southeastern Conference and the Alabama High School Athletic Association have some huge decisions to make soon about the start of the football season.

But the more we hear from leaders in those organizations the more it sounds like the ultimate decision will come from public health and elected officials.

Steve Savarese, head of the AHSAA, sounded a positive note this week when he said, “I can you tell that unless we get an order from the governor to shut down, we’re going to start football on August 21st. The problem is not starting; it may be finding a path to finish.”

Texas A&M athletics director Ross Bjork believes the SEC will also look to public officials for final approval.

“Right now, the only thing that we know is that no one has told us we cannot play. But we also haven’t been given the green light, per se. We’re proceeding, but we’ve not necessarily been told ‘you have permission to do this’. And we need that permission at some point in time.”

The only thing we know for sure is that everyone wants to see football played on scheduled in 2020. Whether that actually happens will likely be determined by officials who aren’t directly involved in the sport.

For Threaded Fasteners I’m Randy Kennedy with Nuts and Bolts of the Game.

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