Threaded Fasteners Nuts and Bolts of the Game: Jags on the verge of history

Threaded Fasteners Nuts and Bolts of the Game

It’s the first week of November, yet the South Alabama Jaguars are already on the verge of an historic win.

No South Alabama football team has ever won more than six games in a season since the school began playing big-time football in 2012.

That will almost certainly change this season. It could even happen as early as tomorrow.

The Jaguars are favored to win at Georgia Southern this weekend. If that happens, they will be 7-2 with lots of football yet to play.

There’s no question this is going to go down as the best team in South Alabama football history.

How well they play tomorrow will go a long way in determining just how high they will raise the bar.

For Threaded Fasteners, I'm Randy Kennedy with Nuts and Bolts of the Game

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