Threaded Fasteners Tighten Up: Howard should know about hobnail boot

Threaded Fasteners Tighten Up

Desmond Howard does not deserve to have a seat on the College GameDay set.

It’s one thing that he predicted Texas A&M to win the national championship, with the other three playoff teams being Baylor, Michigan and Pittsburgh.

Hey, all of us have made stupid predictions.

See, that was just a really bad opinion.

What he said Saturday proves he’s not deserving of the job. Country music star and huge Georgia fan Luke Bryan showed up on set as the guest picker with pair of hobnail boots.

The Georgia fans loved the reference to Larry Munson’s iconic call when Georgia beat Tennessee in 2001.

When it was time for Howard to talk again, he said, “After this you’re gonna have to explain this boots thing to me again.”

That’s like telling an Ohio State fan to explain this horseshoe thing to me or asking a Texas fan why they want to hook ’em.

Howard doesn’t care enough about the traditions and history of college football to be employed commentating on the sport.

For Threaded Fasteners, I’m Randy Kennedy with Tighten Up

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