Colin Cowherd: NFL Media Needs to Stop Hyping Jarrett Stidham

Colin Cowherd: NFL Media Needs to Stop Hyping Jarrett Stidham
Colin Cowherd: “Quit selling me on how ‘great’ this kid is. Bill Belichick wanted Brady back, and Belichick couldn’t get Brady out fast enough when he wanted Jimmy Garoppolo. Jarrett Stidham has been there a year and the well-connected Rob Ninkovich acknowledged that Brian Hoyer will beat him out. Really? I’m earing that Tua hasn’t even started practices yet and Miami coaches are like ‘we need to start Tua.’ Arizona started Kyler Murray who was half-baseball player, half-quarterback who had only started in college for year. Stidham is a nice prospect, maybe? But has created no real buzz or they would have already granted him a job based on them watching every single practice.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss recent reports that allege career-backup quarterback Brian Hoyer will be the favorite to start Week 1 for the Patriots, despite second-year QB Jarrett Stidham believed by many to be the starter-in-waiting behind departed Tom Brady.

Check out the audio above as Colin details why he’s never believed Stidham was an impressive prospect, and says he doesn't understand why Stidham got so much hype in the media this offseason.

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