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Best of the Week on The Herd

3 & Out - Best Of - Dan Hurley says no, Aaron Rodgers skips camp, Scottie is the best, Tom Brady has his number retired in NE

This week on 3&Out John discussed some of the biggest stories in sports starting with Dan Hurley deciding to turn down the Lakers job and stay in UCONN (6:08), the impact of Aaron Rodgers skipping mini-camp (20:25), Scottie Scheffler is the best golfer in the world (29:15), and finally the Patriots retiring Tom Brady's numbers and how what Tom did by playing in New England for 20 years is almost as impressive as all of his Super Bowls (44:28).

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Draymond Green Show - Mavericks Win Game 4 Breakdown w/ Derek Fisher #ChampsOnly

Draymond Green is joined by Los Angeles Lakers great Derek Fisher to break down Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks. They discuss Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving leading the Mavs to a big night over Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, whether or not the Shaq / Kobe Bryant Lakers would beat the Steph Curry and Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors, and the discourse around the growth of the WNBA behind Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese.

0:00 - Start

9:00 - Celtics/Mavs

17:00 - Luka's Defense

29:00 - Predictions

39:00 - Lakers vs. Warriors

46:00 Caitlin Clark Discourse

Produced by: Jackson Safon

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Hoops Tonight - NBA Finals Mailbag: Can Luka and the Mavs come back from 3-1 down???

Jason Timpf gives his overall thoughts on a blowout win for Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks in a must-win game 4 in Dallas. He provides his assessment of Luka’s huge game, what the path to victory looks like for Dallas, and what Boston needs to change going forward. 

3:00 - Game 4 assessment

7:45 - Luka’s performance in game 4

16:15 - Derrick Lively was clutch for Dallas

18:15 - What Boston needs to change going forward


25:00 - Is Derrick White the best role player in the league?

28:00 - Should Porzingis play in game 5?

31:00 - How do the Warriors become contenders next year?

40:00 - Who would you favor in a hypothetical game 6 in Dallas?

46:00 - Is Luka a younger James Harden?

48:00 - Thoughts on Luka/Carmelo comp made by Colin Cowherd?

52:00 - 2020 Lakers or 2024 Celtics?

55:00 - Did Joe Mazulla crack the code for stopping Luka?

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Nerd Sesh - NBA Finals Game 4 Reaction: Doncic & Mavericks DESTROY Tatum & Celtics

The nerds react to Game 4 of the NBA Finals, as Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics attempt to sweep Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks to win their 18th NBA title.


00:00:23 - Dallas’ defense and interior supremacy

00:12:16 - Luka’s offensive dominance

00:24:40 - Dallas’ elite play from role players

00:31:54 - Where did Boston fall short?

00:37:14 - The Tatum vs. Brown debate

00:38:57 - What can Boston do differently in Game 5?

00:43:19 - Does this game threaten Boston’s status as an all-time team?

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Daniel Cormier TV - Daniel Cormier REACTS to Conor McGregor OFFICIALLY being RULED OUT of UFC 303 with injury

Daniel Cormier gives his INSTANT REACTION to Dana White's major announcement: Conor McGregor is no longer able to fight Michael Chandler at UFC 303 due to an injury. DC dives into what's next for both McGregor and Chandler, and gives his take on what he's heard leading up to the decision. And don't miss Cormier's thoughts on Alex Pereira vs. Jiri Prochazka 2 and the rest of the UFC 303 fight card revealed by Dana White Thursday. #Volume #Herd

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Best of The Herd

Jason McIntyre fills in for Colin reacting to the Jaguars signing QB Trevor Lawrence to a massive contract extension and why this makes perfect sense. He defends Caitlin Clark from constant criticism and getting pulled into political debates. Plus, NBA reporter Ric Bucher joins the show in studio to preview a potential closeout game 4 of the NBA Finals

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Hour 1 - Trevor Lawrence new deal

Jason McIntyre in for Colin


Defending Trevor Lawrence’s new massive extension

Caitlin Clark is getting attacked for just wanting to play basketball

Thoughts on Aaron Rodgers missing training camp


Guest: Mark Schlereth 

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Hour 2 - The Celtics are built right

The Celtics are set up for long term success 

NBA reporter Ric Bucher joins the show in studio to preview a potential closeout game 4 of the NBA Finals

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Hour 3 - Best For Last

With the new contract Trevor Lawrence just signed, how will this impact Dak Prescott and the Cowboys?

Jason tries his luck with some NBA trivia on the NBA Finals


Guest: Daryl Johnston

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