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Hoops Tonight - NBA Finals Mailbag: Can Luka and the Mavs come back from 3-

Jason Timpf gives his overall thoughts on a blowout win for Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks in a must-win game 4 in Dallas. He provides his assessment of Luka’s huge game, what the path to victory looks like for Dallas, and what Boston needs to change going forward. 

3:00 - Game 4 assessment

7:45 - Luka’s performance in game 4

16:15 - Derrick Lively was clutch for Dallas

18:15 - What Boston needs to change going forward


25:00 - Is Derrick White the best role player in the league?

28:00 - Should Porzingis play in game 5?

31:00 - How do the Warriors become contenders next year?

40:00 - Who would you favor in a hypothetical game 6 in Dallas?

46:00 - Is Luka a younger James Harden?

48:00 - Thoughts on Luka/Carmelo comp made by Colin Cowherd?

52:00 - 2020 Lakers or 2024 Celtics?

55:00 - Did Joe Mazulla crack the code for stopping Luka?

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